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  • What is GoodDollar? is a non-profit organization on a mission to leverage new blockchain technologies to deliver a scalable, sustainable model to deliver basic income. GoodDollar has built a wallet that enables any human with an internet connection to sign up and claim a small daily income in G$ coins.
  • Who Is GoodDollar For?

    Any real live human being that has access to an internet connection can sign up to GoodDollar and become a Claimer to receive a small daily income in G$ coins. To become a Supporter, at this stage, please contact us directly. Please check our Terms of Use for a full list of included countries.
  • What is Basic Income and how do I get it?

    Basic income is the idea of giving a recurring cash payment directly to people. In most cases, governments consider giving basic income to a country’s citizens. GoodDollar takes a different approach, and presents a certain pool of income in G$ that is distributed equally to all users. New G$’s ar...
  • What are G$ digital coins?

    G$ digital coins are the cryptocurrency that powers the GoodDollar economy. In the GoodDollar economy, Claimers claim G$ digital coins, and Supporters receive interest in G$ coins for their committed capital. See more about how G$ are minted here:
  • What personal information does GoodDollar collect about me?

    We believe that it is important to protect your data privacy. Your personal data is collected, processed and stored lawfully and transparently by us, and meets international standards, including GDPR. We collect basic sign-up information (email, name, mobile phone number) for wallet interaction,...
  • How is value for GoodDollar coins created?

    Great question! We explain how value is generated for GoodDollar G$ coins in this video If you are participating in the GoodDollar demo, you must note that demo G$ coins collected as part of the demo have no monetary value and cannot be exch...
  • Who can see my phone number?

    Who can see my phone number? The default setting of your phone number privacy is “Private” If you are interested in changing it Go to your profile Select Privacy Settings Choose your preferred settings. Private - your phone number will be fully anonymous Masked - your personal details will n...
  • Any fees on transactions?

    There are currently no fees to send and receive G$ if you are using the GoodDollar wallet. If you decide to use a third-party wallet, you will need to pay Fuse gas fees.
  • Can I request for my personal information to be deleted?

    Yes, if you would like your personal information to be deleted from our systems, Because GoodDollar runs on the blockchain, we don’t have access to some of your personal information. As such, in order to remove your data, you will need to delete your wallet. What you need to do: Go to your walle...
  • How can I know what details saved under my user in Gooddollar records ?

    You may request at any time your data  information saved with Gooddollar app by notifying us directly via email address Upon receipt of your request,we will send you any personal identifier associated with your wallet in our database.
  • How do I delete my account?

    We are sad to see you go! Here's how to delete your account, in three simple steps: 1 - Tap the menu ㆔ at the top right corner of your screen 2 - Tap DELETE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the menu you've just opened 3 - Confirm your account deletion by tapping the red button that says DELETE For...
  • How long does a send/receive transaction take?

    A send/receive transaction should take approximately 5 seconds, which is the Fuse block time.
  • How many G$ do I get every day (24 hours)?

    It depends. Every day (in 24-hour cycles) there are a certain number of G$’s set aside to be distributed as basic income. This sum of G$’s are divided evenly between all active users in the system, who log-in and claim every 24-hours. Any unclaimed G$’s that are not claimed are moved to the pool ...
  • How To Use GoodDollar Coins

    Here you will find all what you  need to know on How To Use GoodDollar Coins
  • Something isn’t working - where can I get help?

    You can find common questions and a range of user guides in our Help Center. Still not finding what you need? For individual inquiries, you can submit a help request.
  • What browsers are supported?

    GoodDollar officially supports Chrome and Safari, though the app should work on other web browsers. If you are using GoodDollar on an iPhone, you must work with Safari as GoodDollar interacts with your camera (face verification, QR codes).
  • Where can I use G$?

    G$’s can be sent and received to your friends and contacts, enabling their use for peer-to-peer commerce and barter. In the future, GoodDollar will be available for use with specific vendors and merchants. Read more in our article I’m Claiming G$S. Now Where And How Can I Use Them?
  • Why am I only receiving 10 G$?

    There are times when you only receive 10 G$, which include: New Account.  When you create a new account, at your first time claiming you will receive only 10 G$. This includes if you have deleted an account and are re-registering. Account Reactivation. If you haven’t claimed for 14 days, you wil...