• What is GoodDollar? is a non-profit organization on a mission to leverage new blockchain technologies to deliver a scalable, sustainable model to deliver basic income. GoodDollar has built a wallet that enables any human with an internet connection to sign up and claim a small daily income in G$ coins.
  • Who Is GoodDollar For?

    Any real live human being that has access to an internet connection can sign up to GoodDollar and become a Claimer to receive a small daily income in G$ coins. To become a Supporter, at this stage, please contact us directly. Please check our Terms of Use for a full list of included countries.
  • What is Basic Income and how do I get it?

    Basic income is the idea of giving a recurring cash payment directly to people. In most cases, governments consider giving basic income to a country’s citizens. GoodDollar takes a different approach, and presents a certain pool of income in G$ that is distributed equally to all users. New G$’s ar...
  • What are G$ digital coins?

    G$ digital coins are the cryptocurrency that powers the GoodDollar economy. In the GoodDollar economy, Claimers claim G$ digital coins, and Supporters receive interest in G$ coins for their committed capital. See more about how G$ are minted here:
  • Who can sign up for GoodDollar?

    If you are a real, unique person who lives in the countries where we operate, you can sign up and participate in the GoodDollar demo. For complete terms of use and included countries, please check the terms in our Demo Agreement.
  • When Was The GoodDollar Launch?

    GoodDollar will be released live to the public by September 1st 2020. The organization has released several beta wallets with demo “play tokens” prior to this date.
  • How is value for GoodDollar coins created?

    Great question! We explain how value is generated for GoodDollar G$ coins in this video If you are participating in the GoodDollar demo, you must note that demo G$ coins collected as part of the demo have no monetary value and cannot be exch...
  • Is GoodDollar Built on the Blockchain?

    GoodDollar is built using public blockchains to create and distribute its global basic income system. GoodDollar operates on the Ethereum mainnet and, an Ethereum side-chain (read this blog post for learn more). G$ is a crypto asset that adheres to the ERC-20 token standard. Check out the...
  • How do I invite my friends?

    Simply share the website with them and invite them to sign up. GoodDollar gets way more fun, interesting and useful when your community is in on it, too. Then you can use your G$ coins to buy, sell and barter with each other.
  • Can I use cryptocurrencies in my country?

    Due to the regulatory uncertainty in the US market we advise that all US persons read carefully the following announcement: NO U.S. PERSONS MAY USE THE SERVICES OR SUBSCRIBE TO THE SERVICES AND THE DEMO-TEST VERSION. By using the Services, you represent that you are not a U.S. Person (as defined...
  • I am having issues with my GoodDollar app - where can I get help?

    If you require additional assistance, support requests can be emailed to
  • I was a GoodDollar demo user, what happens to my account?

    Thanks for participating in the demo! You will have to sign up and create a new account. You can follow the steps below: Go to your GoodDollar demo wallet and wait until you see the update popup, then click “Update”. Create a new account and sign-up. Quickly go through the face verification p...