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Getting Started

  • How To Sign-Up for a G$ Wallet

    ** It’s really important to remember which sign-up method you use to register so that you can keep logging in easily, so don’t forget it!* 1. There are three ways to register for your GoodDollar wallet: Sign-Up with your Google account Sign-Up with your Facebook account Sign-Up Passwordless. If...
  • How do I claim G$?

    How do I claim G$? Log in to your GoodDollar wallet. Click on “Claim.” Click on “Claim” again. You are good to go! Your newly claimed G$ will appear in your wallet See you in 24 hours!
  • Why do I have to wait for my next claim?

    Why do I have to wait for my next G$ claim? You can claim your portion of GoodDollars every 24 hours. If you have already claimed within the past 24 hours, you will see a countdown until the next possible time you can claim again.
  • How to Complete Face Verification Process

    1. In order to verify the authenticity of our users, we ask that you verify your face and liveness     with our KYC Face Verification process. It’s simple, easy, and no… we don’t store or sell your     data. We just want to make sure you’re a real, unique human. 2. You will be asked to complete ...
  • How to enable your camera?

    We need you to enable us access to your phone’s camera in order to: Verify you are a real, live person and therefore eligible to claim GoodDollars. Enable you to access QR payment links . Need help granting access? iOS | Android
  • Using the Referral Program

    Get Rewards and Give Rewards, For Each Friend Who Joins The Network. You asked, and we delivered: the GoodDollar Referral Program is here! This is the next big step to growing our network, and building our power. Thanks to another generous sponsorship from eToro, we have jointly added a separ...
  • How to Login to Your Wallet

    Open the GoodDollar wallet and choose the method that you registered with, either Facebook Google or passwordless. It’s really, really important that you login with the same method (Facebook, Google, or passwordless) that you signed up with! If you signed up with the Passwordless method - you wi...
  • How to request GoodDollars

    How to Request GoodDollars There are 2 options to request to be sent G$ coins Using a QR code Sending a request link Click on Receive If you would like to use the QR code, simply allow the sender to scan your QR code. Then the sender can immediately send you G$. Or, if the sender is not next ...
  • How to send GoodDollars

    How to Send GoodDollars Click on Send Add the recipient’s name Choose amount and click “Share Link” Enter what G$ coins are for Approve transaction You still need to send the Transaction link to your recipient! Copy link The link is now copied on your keyboard. ‘Paste’ and send it us...
  • How to transfer GoodDollars using a QR code

    How to send GoodDollar coins Click on Send Add a recipient’s name Put QR code in the middle of the red square Once the QR code is scanned, you can choose the amount to send What for? Approve transaction
  • Copy & Share and cancel Payment Link

    On desktop: 1. Once clicking “Confirm” to a transaction, you’ll be directed to a screen where you’ll need to copy the payment link, then you’ll need to share it (outside of the wallet) with the recipient. On mobile: 1. Once clicking “Confirm” to a transaction, you’ll be asked to share the link w...
  • How to cancel a transaction?

    Can I cancel a transfer transaction? If the transaction was not accepted by the recipient yet, then yes! Pending transfer transactions appear in Orange in your transaction history Click on the transaction ticket Chose “Cancel link” That’s it! Now you’ll see the GoodDollars appear back in yo...
  • How do i know if my transaction was approved or not?

    How do I know if my transaction was approved? Each of your completed or attempted transactions appear in your Transaction History and are color-coded. Green - GoodDollars transacted into your account. Red - GoodDollars successfully transferred out of your account. Orange - Pending Transacti...
  • How do I change my profile picture?

    How do I change my profile picture? Go to My Profile Click on the profile picture Click on profile picture again Select and upload a picture from your phone or computer Click DONE
  • How do I change my username?

    How do I change my user name? Go to My Profile Click on Edit Profile 1. Enter your new Username Click Save
  • Who can see my Email?

    Who can see my Email? The default setting of your email is “Private” If you are interested in changing it Go to your profile Privacy settings Choose your preferred settings Private - your phone number will be fully anonymous Masked - your personal details will not be exposed, but others will...
  • How does GoodDollar confirm my identity?

    GoodDollor aims to deliver a framework for Universal Basic Income. Universal meaning, equal. Each person is entitled by default. To reduce the likelihood of bots, double accounts, abuse and spam, we believe it is critical to confirm that each user on the GoodDollar network is a live and unique hu...
  • Who can sign up for GoodDollar?

    If you are a real, unique person who lives in the countries where we operate, you can sign up and participate in the GoodDollar demo. For complete terms of use and included countries, please check the terms in our Demo Agreement.