• How does GoodDollar confirm my identity?

    GoodDollor aims to deliver a framework for Universal Basic Income. Universal meaning, equal. Each person is entitled by default. To reduce the likelihood of bots, double accounts, abuse and spam, we believe it is critical to confirm that each user on the GoodDollar network is a live and unique hu...
  • What personal information does GoodDollar collect about me?

    We believe that it is important to protect your data privacy. Your personal data is collected, processed and stored lawfully and transparently by us, and meets international standards, including GDPR. We collect basic sign-up information (email, name, mobile phone number) for wallet interaction,...
  • Can I request for my personal information to be deleted?

    Yes, if you would like your personal information to be deleted from our systems, you can submit a request to and our team will handle your request.
  • How can I know what details saved under my user in Gooddollar records ?

    You may request at any time your data  information saved with Gooddollar app by notifying us directly via email address Upon receipt of your request,we will send you any personal identifier associated with your wallet in our database.