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How many G$ do I get every day (24 hours)?

  • It depends. Every day (in 24-hour cycles) there are a certain number of G$’s set aside to be distributed as basic income. This sum of G$’s are divided evenly between all active users in the system, who log-in and claim every 24-hours. Any unclaimed G$’s that are not claimed are moved to the pool of G$’s to be distributed the next day. Active users are defined as users who have claimed at least once in the past 14 days.

So the number of G$’s you receive on any day depends on two factors: 1) how many other active users log-in and claim, and 2) how many G$ are minted and given away. To learn more about how G$ are minted, read through the GoodDollar White Paper.

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