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How does GoodDollar confirm my identity?

GoodDollor aims to deliver a framework for Universal Basic Income. Universal meaning, equal. Each person is entitled by default. To reduce the likelihood of bots, double accounts, abuse and spam, we believe it is critical to confirm that each user on the GoodDollar network is a live and unique human being.

We work with a 3rd-party partner (ZoOm 3D FaceMap)
) (“FaceTec”), to conduct a face-map scan of each user’s face. This data is only used to verify that the user is not creating multiple profiles or other fraudulent activity which is designed to allow them access to additional tokens. The biometric data is anonymized and is encrypted. This database is controlled by GoodDollar. During the demo phase will be using an Test API developed by FaceTec which will process and store the information.If you want to learn more about FaceTec privacy policy please visit:
If you want to learn more about biometric liveness tests please visit:

GoodDollar requires a consent from the user for storage or usage of the data. The user is able to request deletion of the data collected by written request.

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