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How To Sign-Up for a G$ Wallet

** It’s really important to remember which sign-up method you use to register so that you can keep logging in easily, so don’t forget it!*

1. There are three ways to register for your GoodDollar wallet:

  1. Sign-Up with your Google account
  2. Sign-Up with your Facebook account
  3. Sign-Up Passwordless.
  • If you sign-up with your Facebook or Google account, you will be prompted to approve your social account.

  • If you sign- up with our “passwordless” option, after registering, every time you log in you will receive a new SMS code to log in.

Note: You won't be able to change it to a different method or create your own unique password

  • In the case that you already have an account linked to your phone number or email, the following message will pop up:

2. Once you select your sign-up method, you will be asked to verify your phone number. You
    can’t open a wallet without this step!

  • If you sign-up with a Google or Facebook account, your phone number will only be requested during the sign-up process.
  • If you sign-up passwordless, it will require any phone number every time you login to send you the code.

3. Type in your phone number when prompted. If you don’t see your country flag automatically appear, click the flag logo and choose your country from the scroll-down list.
4. You’ll receive an SMS to your phone number with a verification code. Type it into the next screen that pops up.

  •  If the verification code was entered incorrectly, don’t worry! We’ll send you another code via SMS, just tap the “Send me the code again” button

5. Once your code is verified,

  • If you sign-up with a Google or Facebook account, your wallet will be prepared and you’ll see this screen. Press “Let’s start” to begin!

  • If you sign- up with our “passwordless” option, you will receive an email with a one time code you will need to enter in order to complete your registration and then your wallet will be prepared. Press “Let’s start” to begin!

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