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How to Connect G$ Address to Metamask

This is a step-by-step Beginner's Guide to connecting your GoodDollar (G$) Address to your Metamask Wallet.

Any suggestions for improvement/clarification are appreciated and can be mentioned in the GoodDollar Community Telegram Group at:

Section 1: Prepare

This guide assumes that you have already:

  1. Signed up for a GoodDollar Wallet.
  1. Have Metamask Installed.

Section 2: Copy Your GoodDollar Private Key

Section 3: Import Your Private Key to Metamask Wallet

From inside your Metamask Wallet:

1.) Click the "My Accounts" Button (Circle in Top-Right Corner)

2.) Click "Import Account"

3.) Paste Your Private Key into the Form

4.) Click "Import"

Section 4: Switch To the Fuse Network

   By default, your Metamask wallet is connected to the "Main Ethereum Network." However, your GoodDollar Wallet and G$ that we just imported into Metamask are currently on the "Fuse Network" (an Ethereum Sidechain). 

   In order to see your G$ Tokens in your Metamask wallet, we need to connect to the Fuse Network by doing the following:

1.) Click "Main Ethereum Network"

2.) Click "Custom RPC"

3.) Complete Forms with Information (See Below)

4.) Click "Save"

5.) Click the "X" within Metamask to Exit Settings

Section 5: Add the G$ Token Listing to Metamask

   You have now imported your GoodDollar Wallet and are connected to the "Fuse Network." 

   Finally, you must add the G$ Token Listing to your Metamask Wallet.
  • Metamask will ask you to backup your wallet before proceeding.

1.) Click "Add Token"

3.) Click "Custom Token"

4.) Complete Forms with Information (See Below)

  • Token Contract Address: 0x495d133B938596C9984d462F007B676bDc57eCEC
  • Token Symbol: G$
  • Decimals of Precision: 2

5.) Click "Next"

6.) Click "Add Tokens"

Congratulations! You have successfully Connected Your G$ Address to Metamask!

Feb 12, 2021